The app for selling with Square.

Create a mobile app ordering experience for your customers without the massive fees.

A hand shows a customer using MyOrderApp to purchase a latte on iOS.

How to publish your app

Create an account

Fill out our short, simple forms with some basic information, including the branding you want in your app.

Connect Square

Connect your Square merchant portal and we'll sync your catalog and locations to surface in your app.


You'll receive preview builds on iOS and Android and we'll ship them to the stores when you approve.


The apps we publish are 100% unique to our merchants' businesses and only their location and catalog are listed in their apps. The apps are published on our App Store and Play Store pages, but the customer experience is completely tailored to your business.

Absolutely, contact us and we can discuss your ideas.

After you've created an account with us, you'll be prompted to input some details about your brand, specifically a preferred font, a primary and secondary color, and a logo. After that, you'll be asked to log in and authorize us to pull your business's information from Square, like your locations and catalog. Finally, you will be asked to checkout, but this is only payment authorization, no payment is captured (a technical term for actually transferred) until firstly, you have your betas to test (in the case of the publishing charge), and secondarily your app is on the store (in the case of the per-month charge). After that, your app will be ready to sell items from your catalog and push it to your Square POS!

In terms of the App Store and Google Play Store themselves, each upload is always a little different. In general, it takes under a week to go from "Marked for Release" to downloadable on your customers devices, with the Apple App Store being in general a bit slower than the Google Play Store. Don't worry though, you will not be charged the monthly fee until your app is available on both stores.

Very shortly after you check out, you will hear from our merchant support team with details about what to expect, and they'll be happy to provide you with screenshots and videos of the apps of both platforms so you can approve or tweak them without getting them on device.

Absolutely not! As soon as you make changes in your Square dashboard, Square's backend servers inform ours of the change, and we push the new information to your customers.


$75 / mo

+ 0.5% per transaction

+ $500 publishing charge

  • iOS + iPadOS app
  • Android + Tablet app
  • Custom brand colors
  • Custom fonts
  • Your logo as the app icon
  • App updates and fixes
  • 24/7 support